John Maclennan responds to CLC article

Just a couple of points,  I had thought about writing on Hassan's victory along the same lines, while I agree with a lot of the article I think you fail to do justice regarding 1976. The reason that Hassan could even run and be elected is because of the battle to keep the rank n file nature of the CLC. You are right to talk about the Quebec delegates at the 1974 convention. But in 1976 the FTQ was able to establish, with the help of the left, it's own independent relations with the rest of the world trade union movement. This in itself is significant. This came about partly because of the lefts strategic tactic of not going after the CLC's document on Tripartism and instead concentrating its limited resources on the fight against US international unions fighting autonomy.
The significance of FTQ was felt a few months later when the PQ formed it's first government in Quebec. It also proceeds a year later when 1 million workers held a one day political strike against wage controls. The FTQ's own independent contacts with the world trade union movement started the move of  the CLC, out of the obit of the AFL-CIO, which was discredited with bankrupt policies of CIA follies in Central and Latin America, to the WCFTU.
These fights to keep the rank n file movement at 76, 78, 80, convention were not without consequences, in 1980 the building trades with a few exceptions left and started the CFL, (not the football league) and the last building trades unions came back to the CLC in 1999.  Just a few comments I thought  I'd add to the discussion, You are right to try and situate historically Hassan's victory.