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 “Uncharted Waters” features 10 original tunes and a host of amazing musical friends, including Kevin Cassibo on guitar and bass, Ivan Dafoe on acoustic bass, Bill Turner on piano, Mark Bishop on trombone and pennywhistle, Jason LaPrade on slide steel and dobro, Jamie McGinty guitar with vocalists, Risa Levinson, Isabel Bernhaus, Natasha Luckardt, Gemma Bishop, Brenda Wall, Heino Nielsen, and Paul Bilodeau plus the aforementioned instrumentalists. There are original arrangements by Isabel Bernhaus and Mark Bishop. This album was made possible by the financial support of  the Eastern Women's Network, The Peterborough and District Labour Council and the Ontario Arts Council.


"George Hewison & the Rank n File Band-Fighting For a Working Future"    is available in both CD and cassette form.    


There are a few cassettes "Working Hard" still available for $15.00 at the address below. There are 50 out of 5,000 of the original phonograph albums self-titled "George Hewison" available.


The new CD and other George Hewison recordings can be ordered by contacting: For orders in Canada, send a cheque for $20.00Cdn to cover each CD (that includes taxes, shipping and handling*) to George Hewison, at #9, 405B Bass Lake, Trent Lakes, Ontario, K0M1A0. Orders of 10 or more can be had for $15.00 (including taxes, shipping and handling*) per unit. The cassettes are $15.00 and the phonograph albums $25.00 (all including shipping, handling and taxes). For special pricing on much larger orders, please contact the above e-mail address.

*please contact for pricing on international orders.

These are the tunes on "Uncharted Waters":

“Old Friend” dedicated to you who know who you are. “Rosie the Riveter-Volume II” dedicated to the women of DeHavilland Aircraft and all women working in non-traditional jobs and fighting the good fight against sexism. “Freddy’s Song” dedicated to my friend Fred Taylor from Curve Lake, Ontario, a survivor of the residential school system and living proof of the existence of a human spirit. “Uncharted Waters” I originally wrote for my son’s wedding, a song for all those lucky enough to find a life partner to share the path ahead. “Maple Syrup Time” about the inevitable victory of spring over winter; of hope over despair! “Salem” I think about three of my female ancestors who were led to the gallows and all the implications for the generations since: especially for my daughter and granddaughters. “Won’t Back Down” inspired by the 1996 OPSEU strike against the “shock and awe” assault on fundamental rights in Ontario. “We’ll Not Forget” a contribution to the National Day of Mourning on Aprl 28th and a reminder of who built and maintains this country. “Gas Jockey’s Lament” is about a losing battle with technology and a small chapter in my life. “Vancouver" - images of a town I have loved so well.


"was on my way out and popped it in the car stereo and this wave of emotion came over me. You sound just like you waaaaay back when. The 'friend' song is absolutely beautiful and by the time I hit the freeway,  I was fully in tears. So much for the makeup! " -Jill Micholuk,  North Vancouver